Roma gypsy fail

I stepped out for some food yesterday afternoon and ended up embroiled in some kind of argument with a Roma gypsy from that part of Europe which we all know and need to nuke. Having ordered a plate of rice and vegetables, a steaming pile of turd encroached upon my space demanding that it was poor and had not eaten for several days. Bullshit. It waved a photo of inbred relatives in my face and continued to make aggressive demands, which were dismissed out of hand by both myself and the proprietor of the establishment. Instead of nicking a steak knife from the kitchen and putting it to good use for the good of the law abiding righteous, I exercised considerable restraint. It proceeded to threaten and then make several “curse” gestures in my direction before hobbling off, cussing all and sundry all along the way.

On the way home I passed a small recreation area close to Piazzale Tiburtino. Dreams of gibbets excited and enthralled me.

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