Purchasing a Vatican ticket

Visitors to Rome with a passion for architecture and art are incredibly spoilt for choice (“an embarrassment of choices”, as the locals would say).  On top of any ancient history lovers list should be the Colosseum and Vatican City. It would be easy to spend your entire holiday within the walls of these incredible buildings. Unfortunately, it’s also possible to spend half your holiday queueing for a Vatican ticket, such is the popularity of the Vatican Museums. Buying tickets online before you come to visit is essential, as is a fully qualified, licensed guide even if you are well read as regards the history of ancient Rome.

Buying tickets and a securing the services of a Vatican tour guide online couldn’t be easier, and in doing so you will save valuable holiday time. Who wouldn’t want to swap time wasted in queues for quality time spent eating ice cream, enjoying a coffee, or discovering even more of this amazing city?  Pre-planning is key, and with the help of a guide you will be able to squeeze in as much as possible. Just let them know your expectations and leave the rest to either him or her. A good guide will know exactly what to see first, the best times to visit certain places, and of course, a decent story or two to tell along the way. The Colosseum will be brought to life as your guide recounts tales of epic 100 day battles, strange encounters between man and beast, and of course about the gladiators themselves.  Once inside the Colosseum you will be able to imagine what the gladiators felt as they prepared for a life or death fight in the huge, noisy, bloody arena. Learn how trap doors were used, what a “thumbs up” meant to a fighter, and how the Colosseum managed to control the thousands of spectators who attended en masse to cheer on their favourite gladiators.

The Vatican Museums are of course several museums in one, characterized by themed galleries designed by the finest artists of the time, sculptures, jewelled treasures, and of course, the Sistine Chapel. Outside, you can explore the beautiful Vatican gardens.

There is so much to see inside both the Colosseum and Vatican City, so be prepared. Book ahead online (both tickets and a guide), and enjoy the very best of the Eternal City.


Have the Rome tour of your life!

Rome is a city full of surprises, a living museum with great weather, food, sites and above all people.  It’s the perfect holiday destination on many levels.  Visiting sites such as the Colosseum, the Baths of Caracalla, the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps are just as pleasurable as enjoying a superb meal in the Ghetto, or taking a stroll amongst the cobbled streets of Trastevere while eating a delicious ice cream.  Either way, you will need to do some planning so that you don’t waste time queueing for tickets or wandering around the city with your nose in a map trying to find Piazza Navona!

Some places, the Vatican and Colosseum especially, have queues to overcome and can be skipped by booking a fully qualified licensed guide.  It’s worth doing not only as a way to jump the queue, but also a good guide has a wealth of knowledge and many stories to tell that will make your visit all the more interesting and worthwhile. In a group tour each person is issued with a headset so nobody will have to strain there ears above the noisy crowds in order to hear what the guide is explaining.

Many of the sites of course don’t need tickets or a guide, places like the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Spanish Steps and the many piazzas of Rome can be seen whenever you want, a guide isn’t really necessary for these, but having someone who knows the history is always recommended, having someone who is passionate about the city and who is able to tell you stories and facts that you won’t find in any guide book, really makes a difference.

Planning your holiday makes it a much less stressful experience.  Booking ahead will save you time, and money, and by booking a guided tour you will be able to see all of what this city has to offer and still have time to relax.  Remember, Rome also has many restaurants, bars, shops and parks to see!  If you have time, why not book a trip to the island of Capri, Castel Gandolfo( the summer residence of the Pope) or even Pompeii?

Whatever you end up doing in the Eternal City, a professional tour will make your experience and unforgettable one.  This city is a treasure when it comes to architecture, history, artists and food, make sure you make the most of your time by planning ahead.  If you are not sure what to see, book a general tour of the city so that you can see the main points of interest and then you can choose where you would like to spend more time.  Whatever you see or do, one this is guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed.