Cycling in Rome #1

An acquaintance of mine recently said of cycling in Rome, ‘you’re either brave or stupid’. Perhaps. For exercise, to experience the freedom one can feel on two wheels, for whatever reason, cycling is surely one of the most rewarding outdoor activities available to everyone, especially those fortunate enough to live in a city as beautiful as Rome.

To be able to move freely between the ruins while observing thousands of heavy legged, exhausted tourists in mid-July (call it research), trying to make the best of whatever it is their guide book is telling them, begs the question why there is still no stand alone cycling tour company in Rome, as opposed to our own ‘Bike Tours’, for example.

In our case, it’s just a small tour we offer to clients who are cycling enthusiasts back home, but in future we may extend the service to cover parks and bike trails in and around Rome (with connecting rail links), and offer different types of bikes, like hardtails and suspension mtb’s.

It’s always interesting to cycle from the Vatican to the Roman Forum and Colosseum within the space of 15-20 minutes to see exactly how many tourists are milling around, on a tour, are waiting for a tour, or waiting in line somewhere. Similarly, the amount of gatherers working these locations is astonishing. They must surely number well over a few thousand at any given time in Rome on any day in high season, selling all manner of Vatican tours (click to read about our tours of the Vatican – they’re the very best in Rome), and other small group tours of Rome (click to read about our ‘Rome tours in small groups’), on the more curious side of the Rome tours market. Gatherers don’t move for cyclists in case they’ll lose commissions. Fact, fans!