Italy Shore Excursions

Perhaps 500 limo / bus tour companies send their drivers to the ports of Civitavecchia, Livorno, Venice, Palermo and Messina each morning offering all manner of tourism services to weary tourists, very much looking forward to see what they can of Italy.

We all know, and have already discussed the fact that bus tours arranged by cruise lines here in Italy and probably everywhere else in the World are a waste of time and money.

Limo tours offered by drivers who double as tour guides are the middle ground, in that tourists will be told what they are seeing in broken english, but no more. Is that really enough in a city as splendid as Rome, for example? A couple of anecdotes and some garbled history from behind the wheel your abiding memory of Etruscan, Republican and Imperial Rome? No, of course not. God forbid!

In an ideal world, every visitor arriving in Rome, Florence, Venice or Sicily on a cruise liner will have the good sense to book their tours of the cities they wish to see with a private, specialist agency. Not so much to benefit the tour agencies in Rome, Florence or elsewhere, more so to guarantee every visitor a lasting education as regards where they are taken and what is explained to them. Something they’ll never forget for all the right reasons.

It is unfortunate that the vast quantity of paid advertisements on search engines clutter the decision making process. Limo, limo, limo, limo. NO! Think, before you book. If you are happy to ‘explore’ Rome, Florence or the canal city of Venice by car, that’s your choice, but by now it is clear how much you’ll miss on your once in a lifetime trip to Italy.

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