Wine tasting in and around Rome

We’ll be extending wine tours of Rome this new year 2011 and we’d like to hear from you about the direction you’d like us to take. Our current Rome wine tour is spent in a villa near Frascati, with options to visit other wine producing towns in the Castelli Romani region south of Rome, the crater lake and forests of Albano or the papal residence in Castelgandolfo (see article below entitled ‘Wine tours from Rome in the Castelli Romani region).

 Rome wine tours 2011 provided by When In Rome Tours

There are many wine rooms (repositories) in Rome called ‘enoteche’ (singular; ‘enoteca’), and all of them offer wine tasting services. Each enoteca has a sommelier, typically qualified from the Association of Italian Sommeliers (AIS) based at the Rome Cavalieri Hilton, which overlooks the city from the summit of Monte Mario hill.

Many bars and restaurants in Rome call themselves ‘enoteche’, when in fact they are not even deserving of the description ‘bottiglieria’, a term rarely used these days which means ‘seller of wine’ (any wine). An enoteca works directly with local vineyards, and specializes in their produce. If we go ahead and include enoteche in our wine tours of rome, those we’ll visit will offer tasting and explanations of all the wines from the Castelli Romani region.

As the vast majority of our clients are picked up from hotels in Rome, we are looking into the possibility of organising late morning wine tasting in one or perhaps two enoteche in the centro storico, close to Piazza Navona, before heading out to the vineyards of Frascati and Marino.

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