Sightseeing in Rome

For the majority of visitors to Rome, an afternoon spent in the labyrinthine Vatican Museums is the absolute highlight of their stay. The Vatican tour they take must be as complete and fulfilling as possible, which is something we strive to achieve by offering four different Vatican tours. But what about sightseeing in Rome? Away from the vast collections of major works of art within the walls of the Vatican City?

A boat trip along the river Tiber from Isola Tiberina to the bridges of Duca d’Aosta and Milvio beside the Stadio Olimpico costs a couple of euros, and if you’d like to spend more time on board, two hour trips to the ancient port of Ostia can be taken from Marconi. Free time on terra firma is made available to see fine examples of ancient Roman life from as early as 1,400 BC, until the eventual decline of Ostia in the 5th century.

There are some beautiful historic gardens in Rome. In the stifling heat of summer when streets are packed with tourists, where better to go? Of course Villa Borghese in the city centre is known to all, like Zappion Gardens in Athens and Regents Park in London. In June and July, the landscaped gardens and wooded parkland around the Borghese Gallery and museum can become as busy as the city streets nearby.

Villa d’Este in Tivoli boasts perhaps some of the finest gardens in Italy, but distance from Rome is perhaps a stumbling block. Giardino degli Aranci on the Aventine hill, the Pincio overlooking Piazza del Popolo or the expansive Vatican Gardens, be sure to see all of them when in Rome.

Rome is a vibrant and culturally diverse city as much today as she was in the Imperial age. There is a constant flow of events for each and every one of us to become a part of.

In the coming weeks, When In Rome Tours will publish a ‘What’s On In Rome’ guide and news section, to make sure that the pastime of sightseeing in Rome, for our customers at least, is a memorable and enjoyable experience.