Organic Rome tours? No!

Not what you think. Panda and our Rome tours rank clashed head on this morning over an impossible organic drop. At time of writing, a modicum of progress throughout the day augurs well for the weekend. It’s better that conflicts of this kind see the light of day in February, rather than June, for example. Without giving the game away, you can’t be best at both. If you’re online and marketing Rome tours, blogging about county boundaries, or trying to tell the world that tarantulas make spectacular pets, never try to understand Google! Just plough ever on and one way or another you’ll keep up 🙂

So, moving swiftly on to what matters most, ergo Rome tours and our new Florence tours, which have come to see the light of day somewhat earlier than expected! Here’s our link for visitors who want to see the best of Florence when in Rome, or rather a few days after time spent here in the Eternal city.