For the sake of clarity

The world is a busy place, so busy in fact that people use the internet without reading. Really? How is this possible? Does everyone just YouTube, click Facebook ‘Like’ and browse trillions of other people’s polaroids on Flickr? Perhaps I am being paranoid but the number of e-mails we receive along the lines of ‘Hi, what does this tour include, how much is it, where is the meeting point and what time does it start on which day’ is increasing.

It is of the essence to ensure that these bare basic facts are displayed with absolute clarity on our Rome tours and Vatican tour pages. If they are not, please let us know!

E-commerce has regressed into an environment where the masses expect to view, click and pay in under a minute. The days of illustrating web content with creative, descriptive text and images have faded for the sake of the hard sell. It’s a crying shame, and while we are duty bound to market all our Rome sightseeing services, we’ll never lose sight of the importance of presentation for presentation’s sake.

One Irish pub in Rome, four tour operators!

This is going to be an exceedingly brief article of sorts. By the time England had swatted Sweden back to Scandinavia earlier this week, Finnegan’s was emptying. A glance around in between a generous round found three tour operator bosses to my left and right (i’m just the copywriter…). Surely a record? There’s only a handful of quality tour providers in Rome and that bar moment captured the majority! So is this an article about Rome sightseeing and how best to see the most when in Rome or something more? Watch this space… :p Just to say that we used to offer a tour called ‘Drink as the Romans do’, but for now, you’ll have to make do with Eat as the Romans do or have a look at our wine tours in Rome, well, cheese and wine tasting. Wines on both tours are generous on the palate, accompanying foods bountiful.

The grand opening of our new website… Monday, October 1st 2o12! We’re fighting with deep reds and blacks (webmasters, please don’t leave spiteful comments!), greens, blues (or perhaps just plain old viridian green), so on and so forth. In an ideal virtual world, intelligent web content would colourshift to match the users immediate surroundings and state of mind, but for now i’m running with some kind of blue green oceanic theme. Which reminds me, that boat tour of the River Tiber needs a home.