New Rome tours commencing Spring 2011

Tours to Ostia – The ruins of Ostia Antica are some of the finest, if not the finest in Italy. Many travellers compare what they see at Ostia with the ruined city of Pompeii near Naples. A basic introduction to Ostia Antica can be watched on YouTube by clicking here. It’s one of the longest (1:16:09) and fastest loading videos we’ve ever seen on YT. Our Ostia tours (distinct from Portus, around FCO airport) cover the 2nd – early 3rd century government, trade, buildings, inhabitants and religion when Ostia was a thriving city port, daily life and times until the end of the Severan dynasty, then return back to the late Republican period when the commercial port was militarised for the Punic wars against Carthage. Ostia has suffered from pillaging for over 1,000 years. Even today, many statues have had to be replaced with plaster copies, however, the enduring presence of so many private houses, temples, mosaics and frescoes, make Ostia as important an archaeological site as the Colosseum in Rome.

Tivoli tours – Our new private day trip to Tivoli can now be booked online. Tivoli lies 25 kms east of Rome and is over 1,300 years old. Famous for the ruins of Hadrian’s villa, the spectacular Villa d’Este and Villa Gregoriano, where waterfalls carry the river Aniene from the Sabine Hills to Rome, our Tivoli tour is already popular and can be confirmed with a 50 deposit made online at

Rome food tours – We are proud to be able to offer an exciting range of very special gastronomic tours in the heart of ancient Rome! If you’d like to savour the sweetest, most colourful gelato, the tastiest coffee; sample the traditional flavours of Testaccio or Trastevere, or just browse our favourite food stalls in Rome, some of which are in the same place today as they were 150 years ago, on backstreets which have witnessed all manner of trade and commerce for some 1,800 years, then this is something you must do when in Rome!