Dirty Naples, dirtier Rome

Leaving rubbish out after dark has led to a huge increase in numbers of the dreaded ‘red’ cockroach in Naples. Really. Naples has been sinking in it’s own stinking filth for a few years now, and as local Mafia types run waste disposal collections in much of Campania, the infestation is unlikely to get any better any time soon. Piles of rubbish still blight the city of thieves.

Here in bella Roma we have a similar problem, but worse. Worse because Romans and all the rest who leave their rubbish on the street 24/7 do not have the Mafia to use as an excuse. They don’t put their rubbish IN the containers, they leave it ON the pavement BESIDE the containers, a dirty, lazy habit which attracts vermin and wafts foul smells into shops and homes. Perhaps an infestation of red cockroaches in Roman apartments would remind the slovenly occupants that how they live is truly disgusting. I saw an Italian mother with young daughter in one hand and two bags of trash in the other dump her load on the pavement a few weeks ago, and experienced fleeting murderous intent.

Understandable if one is English living in Rome.