About Rome #1 (Roman Rain)

They are an electronic band from Moscow and possibly a film company in Rome too, but when it rains here, it pours. The original Roman rain. All sense of sensibility disappears down the drain and drives us all to distraction. Deserted streets, soggy trainers pounding to the nearest bar, oversize umbrellas sheltering just one Italian, flailing through the never with no notion of consideration for fellow pedestrians, while the rest of us begin to behave in exactly the same way as those upon whom we frown, barging our impatient way through the despondency. It’s a matter of survival.

So how do we go about selling Vatican City tours to drenched tourists in and around Piazza Risorgimento? Having crossed the Piazza several times this morning, and it was as populous as Mare Imbrium on each occasion, we really ought to be praising those who managed to gather a good number of customers for our late morning Vatican tour.

Only torrential rain could dampen the eternal appeal of Rome. The narrow streets which lead towards high Vatican City walls look particularly unappealing beneath a hood of grey clouds. Between the months and warmer climes of May – August, when the annual visitor count creeps up towards the 5m mark – that’s alot of Rome tours and even more Rome B&B bookings – drier Rome becomes another city. For now, and it’s still raining hard, the vast majority of tourists in search of a good quality, licensed tour operator are making their way to our premises on Via Sebastiano Veniero 21.

Those who are left behind in the swirling wind and wetter than wet conditions are welcome to do the same, we still have some bright red When In Rome Tours umbrellas in need of a home 🙂

If this horrid weather persists, we’ll be ordering branded wellies and raincoats in the very near future! For the very best Vatican and Rome tours come rain or shine, visit us at http://www.wheninrometours.com/