Helicopter tours from Rome

It’s another new and exciting tour from When In Rome Tours which in truth has very little to do with Rome at all, bar the fact that our heliport is located a few kms north of the city. Strange as it may seem, helicopter tours of Rome do not hover directly over the city centre due to air traffic control restrictions, however, with the rest of Italy immediately accessible, it’s never been a problem! Our prices are far from prohibitive. For perhaps  twice the cost of seeing Rome on a private tour over one or two days, you can experience the entire country from a helicopter with family, friends or clients. Perhaps the olden days of sightseeing in Rome on foot, by carriage, segway, pedalo, you name it we’ve probably seen it etc. are over? Well, not quite. Vatican tours and other walking tours in Rome are simply necessary and that will never change, but what better way to experience such a beautiful country than from up above clouds? Of course, on one of our helicopter tours, Italy’s great cities can be visited too. Wherever you land, a private local guide will always be on hand to pick you up and show you the sights and sounds of Venice, Palermo, Genoa, Turin, so on and so forth – there really are no limits on this tour, just your imagination!

If you are looking for an expedient and cost effective way of seeing Italy – all of Italy – in one day, or even half a day, our helicopter tour services fit the bill perfectly. In the coming weeks we’ll be listing new tours to the volcanoes of south Italy and Sicily, which will incorporate connections by helicopter. If you are interested in seeing Italy from the air with a focus on perhaps Sicily, and more specifically, Mount Etna or Stromboli, let us know!